2013 Standing Dog Award Winners

Standing Dog’s employees are all pretty great, but a few individuals stood out from the pack in 2013. They lead the way in productivity, teamwork, first-year achievements, overall excellence and more, and were honored as the agency wrapped up the year.


The winners are: Shawn Cohen, Rookie of the Year; Brian Medricka, Employee of the Year; Bart Peters, Unsung Hero; Ashley Johnson, Best Work Ethic, and Kelsey McCann, Ultimate Team Player.

“Our agency has a very collaborative, open culture, so our employees really get to know each other and stay aware of what everyone is working on,” said Mike Wylie, CEO of Standing Dog. “The winners were chosen by their peers, which makes this even more special.”

Along with Standing Dog’s open work culture, the award winners say that its opportunities to learn, teamwork and most of all, staying positive are the secrets to their success.

Kelsey, a client services manager, says that Standing Dog encourages employee achievement with its open-door culture, and that positive thinking contributes to her success here.

“Standing Dog gives us the ability to bring our ideas, no matter how big or small, to the table,” she said.

Brian, the agency’s senior copywriter, credits his honor to Standing Dog’s atmosphere of employee independence.

“Standing Dog gives employees the freedom to try new things and then learn from their successes and failures to do even better things on a second go-round,” he said.

Shawn, Standing Dog’s SEO director, appreciates that employee autonomy is bolstered with intensive training opportunities.

“Since joining the team last year, I’ve seen Standing Dog invest hundreds of hours in employee training. Additionally, from the executive team on down, each person in leadership shows a high level of employee care and makes sure that they have everything they need to make the client successful,” he said.

Ashley and Bart, senior SEO managers, look to Brian, the company’s top prizewinner, for motivation. He literally surrounds himself with happiness every day, collecting yellow smiley faces to place around his desk as a visual reminder of his motto.

“Treat others as you expect to be treated. It’s important to smile – as you can see from my desk – and be friendly to others even when the day may not be going so well. Smiles are contagious! Do one or two or three today,” Brian said.



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