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Extra! Extra! Easter Bunny Kicked Out of Vocus!


NEW YORK, NY – March 19, 2013 – It is with great gravity that Vocus announced today that the Easter Bunny does not exist and has no place in a news distribution service.

The popular press release distribution service recently contacted Standing Dog Interactive in regards to a pending press release that dealt with an Easter brunch. Writers at the Dallas-based interactive marketing agency were shocked to learn that the Easter Bunny was deemed “parodic” and could not be mentioned in an introduction, tongue-in-cheek be damned.

“We’re confused, quite frankly,” said Brian Medricka, senior copywriter at the agency. “If the Easter Bunny didn’t exist, how can you explain the thousands of plastic eggs hidden all over the country on Easter? They don’t come from eggplants, that’s for sure.”

Josh Duke, content manager at Standing Dog, could not be reached for comment and has been missing since Monday morning. His fiancée reportedly discovered a half-eaten carrot in his office along with an illegible note and a little fluff of cotton tail.


Okay, in all seriousness, Vocus has been really tightening up its editorial policy lately. We submitted an Easter-themed press release on behalf of one of our clients, and we received an email explaining that our press release was on hold because it “[referenced] content or a resource that [seemed] fictional or nonsensical.”

After having a good laugh, we reviewed the press release and realized that the offending sentence went like so: the Easter bunny might have a hard time hiding plastic eggs after enjoying a fabulous brunch at a particular hotel. We changed the line and resubmitted it, and then we started thinking: their no absurdity editorial rule is absurd!

While we appreciate the need to be serious most of the time, we do like to have fun. Most of our news goes directly to customers, not to businesses. When we promote a special deal at one of our hotels or announce the remodeling of a lobby, we know that travelers have far more interest in this information than businesses.

When we write press releases, we try and find the right balance between entertainment and professionalism. Some of them can be funny, others are straight laced due to the nature of their content. We reach hundreds of travelers every day and we know that no one wants to read 300 words of pure boredom, so we make things interesting. We crack puns, we add some humor, and sometimes we even reference Santa Claus (who’s also out, by the way) and the Easter Bunny.

To be fair, Vocus has had this editorial rule for quite some time, but they only recently started enforcing it, or so it seems. However, we feel like that’s a shame. What’s the point of living in the world with no Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, or Chupacabra? So lighten up, Vocus. We know you’re serious, but the people reading our press releases aren’t always looking for black-tie affairs. Sometimes they prefer giant bunnies.