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Google Announces Impression Share Metrics for Ad Groups

January 30th couldn’t come any sooner. No, it’s not my birthday, but I am expecting a gift in the form of Impression Share Metrics. On this date, Google Adwords will roll out Impression Share Metrics at the ad group level. When the news first broke, I was literally jumping for joy. Impression Share Metrics are to a paid search manager as a puppy is to, well, everyone else. As a paid search manager, I live by the Impression Share Metrics, especially for those accounts that have a strict budget.

Impression Share Metrics are currently only available at the campaign level, which doesn’t help me determine the profitable of each ad group. Don’t get me wrong, the metrics available to me at the campaign level are extremely useful, but once I get down to the ad group level, those metrics I hold so near and dear aren't an option.

According to Google, three new columns will be added to the ad groups tab to show:

  • Impression share: the percentage of impressions received divided by the estimated number of impressions eligible to receive.
  • Lost impression share by rank: the percentage of impressions lost due to ad rank. However, the percentage will not be shown if your campaign is at or near your set daily budget.
  • Exact match impression share: the percentage of impressions received for searches that exactly matched keyword divided by the estimated number of exact match impressions eligible to receive.

The image below shows what the Google Adwords interface will look like when the Impression Share Metrics are added:

With the new ad group impression share metrics, I will be able to determine which ad group isn’t capturing the maximum amount of impressions available. It will be much easier to see which ad group I need to focus on when creating new ads to test or where to raise keyword/ad group bids with the lost impression share by rank metric. Also, the exact match impression share metric will allow me to determine if a keyword's low search volume is based on the match type that was chosen.

Overall, these new metrics will give us the ability to improve the quality work we provide to our clients. Five days and counting...

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