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How to Upgrade to Facebook Timeline

So, your friends have upgraded their profiles to Facebook Timeline, but yours is still stuck in the olden days (see: 2011)? Not to worry; we'll get you up to speed, and you won't have to jump through hoops or tap into Facebook Developers the way we early adopters did. Just follow these quick and easy steps for an instant upgrade:

1. Next time you're admiring your friend's latest cover photo and wondering why you don't have one, just look up. Right above the landscape photo, you'll see the green "Learn More" button. Click it.

Or go to and click "Get Timeline."

2. The bare bones of your Timeline will appear. Click on "Take the Tour" on the top right for a guided Facebook tutorial on Timeline. This tour will show you how to add a cover photo; how to view your info, photos, likes and apps; how to access your activity log; how to navigate your timeline; how to highlight top stories and view posts; and how to add experiences.

3. Add your cover photo. If you want to get creative, check out a handful of unique cover photos here, here and here.

4. Scroll through your activity and decide what posts you want to feature as top stories by clicking the star icon, and which ones you want to hide or delete by clicking the pencil icon. Hover over the post to see the icons.

5. Once you're happy with your Timeline, click the "Publish Now" button on the top right. Welcome to 2012.