GetListed Now Moz Local, With More Efficient Listings Management


Earlier this week, Moz rolled out its new local citation tool, Moz Local. This tool replaces the old powered by Moz. With the tool, SEO professionals were able to look up a company and get a score based on how it was cited across major search engines. Users could identify errors with their citations but were not able to fix them without going to each individual site and editing the information.

But now, that painful process is a thing of the past, according to the Moz announcement, made by David Mihm, GetListed’s founder.

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Nine Steps to Saving Big with Priceline’s “Name Your Own Price” Tool

priceline's "name your own price" tool

Priceline’s “Name Your Own Price” tool is the Shatner-endorsed way to bid on hotels or airline flights. (And then pay additional taxes and fees.) Usually, I wouldn’t use a tool like this because it breaks the first rule of negotiation: Never talk first. But, if you go about it the right way, this tool can save you BIG.

Why Priceline’s “Name Your Own Price” tool works

Priceline is able to get you a significant discount because it is not directly advertising the price of any one hotel. Instead, it is letting you bid on a star-rated range of hotels in a specific area. Hotels still want to fill up their property so they are willing to let rooms sell at a much cheaper rate.

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How Annoying Do Your Customers Find Typos and Grammatical Errors on Web Copy, Really – and Are They Affecting Sales?

I am a grammar girl. I graduated with a degree in English. I read books such as Eats, Shoots & Leaves in my free time. At work, I am never without open in a tab on my browser and The Associated Press Stylebook within reach. I derive a real sense of satisfaction from saving the Internet from error-ridden advertising copy one misplaced modifier at a time. When I come across a typo or grammatical error somewhere that I can’t fix it, I take offense, as if its a personal affront.

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User Interface Design: Flat vs. Skeuomorphic


In the early stages of user interface design it was important to communicate visually to users those elements that were interactive, or clickable. The method used to do this was called skeuomorphism, which is when a user can tell what an object does based on its appearance.

When the web was new, it was important to take images of familiar items in the physical world (like dials, clocks, and buttons) and recreate them to look three-dimensional in the digital world. For example, digital calculators were designed to look and act just like physical calculators with their 3D buttons and arrangement of numbers.

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Here We Grow! Standing Dog’s Expansion Update

standing dog agency  happy hourHere we grow again! Standing Dog Interactive has seen some big changes in the last two months, and last Friday marked the revealing of the first of two expansion projects that will add nearly 3,000 square feet to the agency’s third-floor home in the Twin Sixties Tower.

The interactive marketing agency just celebrated its new 1,085 square foot, state-of-the-art training room built across the hall from where the second expansion project is underway. The new space seats 60 and boasts an 80-inch television, projector with 113-inch electric-powered screen and two 4 x 8 dry-erase glass boards for brainstorming sessions. The first training seminar on e-mail marketing showcased the comfortable space and multimedia capabilities.

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Exploring Microsoft’s Bing Rewards


Microsoft launched the Bing Rewards program in September 2010 in an attempt to lure searchers away from Google, which currently does not have a rewards program. Participants can earn credits and special promotions simply by using for web searches and using Bing’s special offers and productivity tools. Through Bing Rewards, credits can be redeemed for sweepstakes, gift cards, and even charitable donations.  In November 2010 I wrote a post about Bing Rewards, and have been using the program and studying its evolution since then.

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How to Write SEO Press Releases Without Incurring the Wrath of Google

seo press releases

After Google’s game-changing update to its link scheme webmaster guidelines in July 2013, some predicted that the search engine optimized press release would die a swift death. But those predictions haven’t come true.  Although online press releases no longer provide added “link juice” (added weight/value to pages in Google’s ranking system), they are still valid tools in a company’s digital content arsenal and, if optimized correctly, can effectively drive organic traffic to websites and generate brand awareness.

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New to Pinterest: Layout and Place Pins


There’s a new look for our favorite procrastination tool. The Pinterest world as we know it is about to be rocked with the new layout and become more interactive through Place Pins.

No need to freak out! The new look is actually pretty slick, and as user-friendly as ever. There aren’t any new buttons or complicated pin processes, just a little makeover. The top navigation bar has been completely refreshed. The search bar is more prominent, icons have been redistributed, and the Explore bar helps users connect with other boards.

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Why should my website be responsive?

why should my web site be responsive standing dog interactiveWith web trends constantly changing, business leaders may be wondering: “Why should my website be responsive?”

Responsive websites reflect a design approach that creates one site that adapts to multiple screen sizes, giving your end user a consistent site experience regardless of the device they are using.

This means that businesses no longer have to create a mobile site ( that is separate from the desktop site ( There is no longer a need to detect the device and redirect the user to a separate mobile site.  It also means that one url is used to access the site across all devices, which is good for search engine optimization.

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New Facebook Call-to-Action Buttons Available for Page Posts

Shop Now. Learn More. Sign Up. Download. Book Now.

In keeping with its recent algorithm change to prioritize relevant content, Facebook has rolled out these new call-to-action (CTA) buttons for advertising that highlight specific engagement goals. Page administrators also will be able to use them on organic posts  – a huge boon for the hospitality industry. Standing Dog Interactive is excited to implement these CTA buttons for its clients starting today.

example of facebook cta buttons in power editor

According to, the buttons are part of a recent push to “launch features designed to provide direct-response marketers with broader solutions to reach people across devices and encourage them to take action.”

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