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The Newest Endangered Species: Unflattering Facebook Photos


New Facebook Features Help Keep Your Dignity Intact

“So-and-so just tagged you in a photo.”

The Facebook notification was sent at 11:14 am. It’s 2 p.m.

Panic sets in. Your heart skips a beat. You try to remember posing for a photo while you were out with So-and-so the night before. Did you have an incriminating shot glass in your hand?  Were both of your eyes open? Were you sporting an unflattering double chin that tends to only appear in photos?

You try to calculate how many people could have seen the photo in those two hours. Let’s see, you have more than 1,000 friends, and they all like to check Facebook on their lunch break, so that must be about 989 people, right?

Worry no more, fellow untaggers. According to a recent Mashable article, Facebook is making some big changes over the next few days, and approving and rejecting tags before they go public is one of them. That’s not just photo tags, either. The new feature includes location tags and tags in Facebook posts, as well.

This might come as somewhat of a disappoint to the staff at Fast Company who tagged various brands in photos that shed the brand in a negative light. Of course, they weren't doing it to be mean spirited; they were simply testing which brands untagged and which ones didn't as research for a rather entertaining article.

New features will also allow you to control privacy settings from a panel on the right side of your profile when it’s in Edit mode, instead of having to leave your page to go into your account settings. Want to make sure you didn’t accidentally allow your ex rights to see your relationship status? Just type his/her name into the “View Profile As” feature and see what he sees.

“Hey, make sure you tag me in that photo,” your coworker says.

Problem is, you’re not friends with said coworker, nor do you plan on sending them a request as soon as you get home. Facebook to the rescue! A new feature will allow you to tag him anyway.

Other changes to look out for:

  • Facebook Places added to publisher bar
  • Tag yourself in places nearby
  • Add location (Places) to photo albums
  • Ability to change visibility of status update after it’s posted
  • Along with untagging, you’ll also be able to ask the uploader to remove the photo and block the uploader.

What's not mentioned in the Mashable article, is that Facebook is doing away with its Places check-ins. What does that mean for Place pages and check-in deals? We'll let you know in a follow up post, so keep an eye out!

Is it weird that we think these changes are much more awesome than the awesome launch of group chat, a new chat design and video calling?