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Tips for Writing Winning Ad Copy

2012 has brought quite a few changes to the world of Paid Search. There was the great debate for how and when ads should be rotated, as well as trying to understand what remarketing for search is. One thing that hasn't changed is the fundamentals for writing WINNING ad copy. It’s funny, any time I say the word “winning” I flash back to a wacked-out Charlie Sheen on The Today Show. That guy is always winning, much like Standing Dog’s paid search ads (minus the mental breakdowns).

Let’s dive into what makes our Paid Search ads so successful.

Before composing ad copy, Standing Dog researches keywords and groups those terms into ad groups that are similar in context. Once our campaign is structured properly we’re ready to create a tightly focused, 25-character headline that immediately lets the searcher know we have what they’re looking for. Headlines should always take advantage of the entire character limit. When typing out a headline we prefer to use keywords with the highest volume of traffic within the ad group. Doing so will also highlight the heading in bold and draw attention to the ad text. Another way to keep headlines relevant to searched keywords is to use the keyword insertion code, which is a snippet of code added to the headline and replaces the term being sought.

Now that the headline has been created, we’re ready to construct the description in the ad copy. Google and Bing allow 2 lines of text (70 characters, or 35 characters per line to be exact). When writing ad description we always analyze the competition to make sure our ads stand out. From here we want to ensure our message reflects our client’s overall conversion goal and has a strong call-to-action. We then use content from the landing page linked to the ad group for creative ideas. Having a landing page that relates to the ad copy will help your quality score and in the end your cost-per-click.

Though there are many ways to go about writing ad copy, these fundamentals will increase your chances for having a winning paid search campaign.