What We Do

Standing Dog Interactive offers a full range of online marketing solutions for any business need. Reach more customers, start new conversations, be found more easily - whatever your need, Standing Dog can deliver.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Dominate Searches
    Our experienced search engine optimization (SEO) team can help your business appear higher in searches
  • Build Your Brand with Link Building
    We'll help grow your website's authority through link building practices.
  • Optimize and Create Content
    Expand your digital presence with well-written, engaging, and optimized content, such as landing pages, press releases, and more.

Paid Search

  • Identify the Best Keywords
    Our team will help your company choose the best keywords to pursue, optimizing your investment
  • Reach the Right Customers
    From targeting specific geographical regions to a certain audience, your pay-per-click (PPC) ads will be seen by just the right people
  • Track Your Success
    Look at your return on investment, see how many leads your ad generated and formulate your next strategy

Social Media

  • Start the Conversation
    Our Social Media team will develop a strategy for your brand and help create a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other popular platforms
  • Show Your Style
    We create interactive and engaging Facebook pages, custom Twitter backgrounds and stylized YouTube channels to express your brand across all channels
  • Integrate Socially
    Add social elements to your latest ad campaign and reach out to customers dynamically with Facebook ads and stories

Display Advertising

  • Create Google DoubleClick Campaigns
    Our partnership with Google DoubleClick lets our clients effectively market services and goods.
  • Choose Your Audience
    Maximize your campaign's effectiveness by reaching who you want and where you want.
  • Understand Your Goals
    Our display advertising team will help you analyze results and adjust your campaign accordingly to achieve success


  • Stylize Your Brand
    You value your brand, so show it! Our creative department builds stylish websites, landing pages, blogs and more
  • Build Smarter Websites
    With a focus on information architecture, the creative team designs websites that not only look great but have an intuitive flow
  • Creative Reach
    Beyond websites, the creative department designs custom Facebook pages, Twitter backgrounds, email marketing campaigns, banners and more