Congrats, Mat, on being named a Texas Tech outstanding alumnus


Mat Threadgill, vice president of client services at Standing Dog Interactive and respected industry innovator, has been named an outstanding alumnus by Texas Tech University’s College of Media & Communication. The College of Media & Communication Outstanding Alumni Awards recognize Texas Tech graduates who have made important contributions to the communications industry. Threadgill in particular was recognized as someone who has “constantly reinvented himself and his skill set” in a field notorious for unceasing evolution.

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No need to be on pins & needles: Pinterest’s new features are here

guided search2Pinterest has rolled out a couple of new features recently that will not only make the platform more user-friendly but will ramp up how businesses perform.

Guided Search

The Guided Search feature has finally been applied to desktop — it took them long enough. This feature was first introduced on mobile back in April 2014 as a way to find what you’re looking for. It “officially” hit the Web back in June, but we here at Standing Dog Interactive saw it for the first time earlier this week on a couple of accounts. So be on the lookout!

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Storytelling Of Content Strategy: Out With The Old And In With …

Isla McKetta, a content crafter at Moz, recently dove into the elements of storytelling and how they relate to content strategy when building a brand. Here’s what I learned.

In every story there is a beginning, middle and end. Business speak, if you will, is something our parents’ generation was taught. But even before that there was the world of storytelling — that is, humanizing stories to share information. Our predecessors partook in storytelling before they could even write. In this way, storytelling makes things relatable and takes us back to simpler times.

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No Flow? Then Your Website May Not Be Converting


Shiny buttons. Big, pretty pictures. Enticing, over-promising words in a fancy font. It’s easy to get caught up in a website’s design and forget about how it actually works.

If users are not able to find what they are looking for when they land on a site, they will bounce off. It’s that simple. All of the prettiness in the world will be a wasted effort. That’s why businesses looking to redesign their website should think about user flows.

The path that users follow through a website to make a reservation, purchase a product or subscribe to a newsletter or feed is extremely important. A fluid, intuitive site design will quickly provide fresh information to new visitors and reduce the chances that existing users will leave, all while encouraging readers to share your site with others. That results in more users, increased activity and greater awareness of a site and business.

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60-Second Challenge: Linda Pedraza

We put Linda Pedraza, one of our newest SEO team members, to the test: how many random questions can she answer in one minute? Watch the video below to find out how many!

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How to Write the Perfect Outreach Message

BuzzStream logo

If you’ve ever reached out to journalists or reporters, you likely learned that if your pitch is anything less than perfect, it will probably be deleted right away. It can be overwhelmingly discouraging to write the perfect outreach message, but much like other things in life, it requires finesse and persistence. It’s an art form in its own.

To master the skill, I recently joined in on a BuzzStream webinar titled Perfect Pitches: 500 Publishers Tell Us How to Get Their Attention. Here’s what I learned:

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Meet Loren Gray, VP of Digital Strategy

Loren CORRECTOne of the newest members of the Standing Dog family is Loren Gray, our Vice President of Digital Strategy. We asked Loren ten questions about life, liberty and the weirdest thing he’s ever eaten.

1. If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be?

“35, I felt that I was at my peak of health and balanced with a bit of experience to keep life fun, interesting and appreciated.”

2. If you had to change your first name, what would you choose and why?

“I’d have to go with Nathan, it’s a shortened form of my middle name and one I used when I worked in radio.”

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The “Real World” Rookie

I guess you could call me a rookie to the “Real World.” I started at Standing Dog just about six months ago now- I can’t believe it has already been that long, time really is flying! This was my first job out of college and over the past few months, I can honestly say I have learned so much.

I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin (hook’em!), thinking I was pretty much good to go stepping out into the workforce. But after working with a group of people as smart and creative as my co-workers, I realized that I still have so much to learn.

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What Fuels Interactive Marketers?

As an agency filled with young, active professionals, it’s important for our team to keep its energy up. We set out on a mission to discover what fuels the men and women of Standing Dog Interactive.

Here’s what various members of the Standing Dog team had to say about their snackage:



ErikaWhat gets you through the day? Let us know below!

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Pinterest Guided Search: We’re Personally Excited

Put down your Burn Books and pay attention. Who here is personally excited for something new on Pinterest? We are!


The movie Mean Girls celebrates its ten-year anniversary today, and Pinterest recently unveiled its new Guided Search. I think its perfect timing to talk about two of my favorite things! Let’s compare that silver screen high school shake-up to the ways that our favorite online hoarding tool is shaking up social media. Which, come to think of it, isn’t too different from high school. There may be a lot of cyber cliques out there, but there are still many ways for an enterprising young platform to carve out a niche for itself. And Pinterest does just that with Guided Search. So “fetch.”

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